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Why two-day fulfillment will be two days too late

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Why two-day fulfillment will be two days too late

On an all-new episode of digital icons, the Chief Commercial Officer of Fabric, Steve Hornyak gives us an in-depth understanding of automated online fulfillment specifically suited to client needs. The need for efficient and fast micro fulfillment solutions become direr and as a result, there becomes even greater need to understand these micro fulfillment solutions and what they have to offer as well as the challenges encountered in using them. He explains the challenges encountered in using them and their many benefits. He also gives a deep insight into understanding how online fulfillment resolutions have been able to help in the advancement of ecommerce.

Steve Hornyak

Chief Commercial Officer,Fabric

About Steve Hornyak

Steve leads global sales, marketing, and customer success business functions at Fabric, formerly CommonSense Robotics. Steve has worked in the retail technology, software, and SaaS business sectors for the past 30 years, including executive and senior management positions at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Oracle, SQL Financials, Clarus, Brickstream (Nomi), Trax Image Recognition, and Symphony RetailAI. He has also actively participated in, prepared for, and executed two IPOs raising over $300M in the public market.

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