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OSHA investigating Illinois’s Amazon warehouse collapse

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is inspecting deadly destruction at an Amazon warehouse. An agent spokesperson stated that on Monday. A tornado caused the collapse Friday that destroyed the area. The collapse killed six workers, and one worker got injured.

The administration rescued 45 individuals safely. Gov. J.B. Pritzker noted this in a press meeting Saturday. The tornado was one of at least 30 twisters that left a way of damage across many services, including Kentucky. In Kentucky, they found over 60 individuals dead.

The National Weather Service noted that a tornado landed in Edwardsville at nearly 8:35 p.m. regional time Friday. The walls of the Amazon warehouse slumped inside, while the ceiling fell downward. Edwardsville Fire Chief James Whiteford stated this in a news meeting Saturday.

Site managers at the Amazon warehouse, recognized as DLI4, told workers on duty at the building to take shelter. He said this around 8:16 p.m. regional time, as per Amazon. The tornado possibly set in the parking lot then moved through the area, Amazon noted.

OSHA has 6 months to finish its investigation, issue sources, and propose financial penalties if they find any crimes of workplace safety. Or if they find any health regulations. OSHA spokesperson Scott Allen noted this CNBC in a statement. The agent had compliance administrators at the Amazon warehouse to assist, Allen noted.

Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel stated on CNBC in a statement that OSHA inspects all office fatalities. Amazon recently said it was operating to control the situation and help in the recovery. And it also helps with local relief actions in Edwardsville.

They are very sad by the report that units of our Amazon warehouse died as an outcome of the storm. Nantel noted this earlier on Monday. He also added that their prayers and thoughts are with the sufferers and their close ones.


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