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Amazon grows its business with online pharmacy

Amazon is now going to sell insulin and inhalers on their site. The company launched its online pharmacy on 17th November in the USA. It will give the Amazon users a chance to order their medication and refills through their phone and get it delivered on their doorsteps within a couple of days.

This new move by Amazon is to start with a new business, to shake up the pharmacy industry just as their previous business as the toy seller and bookseller and grocer. Big chains like CVS and Walgreens depend upon their pharmacies to generate a steadier flow of shoppers to their business who shop quite frequently for their medication supply.

Amazon said that they are going to offer commonly prescribed medications, which will start on Tuesday. It would include pills, creams, and other medications like insulin. Users need to set up a profile on Amazon to send their doctor suggested prescriptions near the Seattle-based eCommerce giant.

Moreover, Amazon will help its customers with the facility of comparing the prices of the drugs. The company also aims to let the users save 80% on generic medicines and 40% on branded medicines while buying without insurance.

TJ Parker, the vice President of Amazon Pharmacy, said, “We designed Amazon Pharmacy to put customers first – bringing Amazon’s customer obsession to an industry that can be inconvenient and confusing.”

Amazon said that most of their insurances are accepted. Moreover, Prime members who do not have any insurance can also purchase medicines of generic brands and drugs from Amazon for discounts.

Amazon has had their experience in the healthcare industry for some time.  They spent an amount of US $750 million two years ago to buy an online pharmacy, PillPack. This company provides organized medications in packets mentioning the day-to-day time when it must be consumed. Amazon said that PillPack is going to continue while focusing on shipping medication for people who come with chronic conditions.

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