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Matching the Perfect PIM for Your Business

Right according to your business size, budget and database

Helping you make the right choice of PIM & DAM

You take 3 Minute PIM Assessment

We match you with the right PIM and Vendors

We guide you through the process

Exactly what you’re looking for in 3 Minutes

Secured Future

The right PIM according to your business’s size, budget and feature requirements.

Full Support

Full support in choosing the right PIM to effectively enrich your product data.

Independent Advice

No consultation fee charged! We only get paid by the service provider if you select it.

Reduced Time

Reduced time to help you send the RFP live ASAP.


Transition to digitized and centralized product data from spreadsheets, CVS files and ERP is a big decision for your business. You want to sort it out without losing any time. You might rush and select the first Product Information Management software you come across online and clearly, it costs you a fortune. A few weeks later when you can’t figure it out and it is disrupting the business operation, you realize that it is not the PIM you wanted. You spend months fixing the problem to save your investment but now the software is costing you much more than what you intended to. It is too late. You are behind in progress, your money is lost and there is no way you can undo it. Choosing the Right PIM according to your needs, business size and feature requirements can save you a lot of trouble.

We Would Love to Talk about Your PIM Requirements

To help you take out the complexities in the PIM selection process and make it quick and error-free, we have developed a personalized 35 question PIM assessment survey that helps you and us understand your business requirements. For instance, how you’d like to manage your products, what exactly you’re looking for as in the features of DAM and MDM, what integration method you prefer, workflow management and what do you expect from a PIM. By analyzing your answers, we make a list of the top PIM providers who offer exactly what you’re looking for. In case you don’t understand something, we are always ready to explain and help.

Matching the Perfect PIM for Your Business

We are connected 100+ PIM service providers and vendors in the industry. Based on the assessment, we recommend you only those PIMs that match your exact requirements. According to the size of your organization, we connect you with right PIM product and vendors.

We have Helped 80+ Companies Choose the RIGHT PIM

Our team has implemented PIM for 80+ companies across various sectors and we have 10+ years of combined in-field experience. Our transparency, connection with hundreds of PIM providers and vendors, PIM related updated knowledge and expertise and passion to help businesses grow exponentially distinguish us in the market. We are passionate to help you and only charge a fixed success rate from the partners.

Are you Struggling with Choosing the right PIM too?

Answer the assessment survey, collaborate with us to find the best match for you and secure your business for many years to come.

Let’s SECURE Your Business
with RIGHT Decisions.

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