About Us

The e-commerce industry is the new shopping market. In less than three decades, it has transformed from a shady, unnecessary extravaganza to an absolute necessity. E-commerce touches every aspect of our daily lives, yet an average consumer is woefully unaware of how this global machinery works. Well, that’s what we hope to change.

At eCommerce Next, we stand true to our name – informing you what’s next in the game. As the e-commerce domain continues to expand, this dynamic industry moves leaps-and-bounds in all directions. It can get disorienting to keep a track of the gazillion things that happen in the online market every day. This is where we step in. From the latest happenings to the upcoming trends, our eyes and ears stay fixated on the global e-commerce market. Our goal is not just limited to reporting the news, but also informing and educating our audience. 

You are smart to be a part of the e-commerce future, and we are just glad to accompany you on the journey. Understanding the latest trend? Check. Speculating a new one? Check. Simplifying the complicated parts? Check. eCommerce Next is your ultimate companion in decoding the vast and fantastic world of digital marketplaces.