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BigCommerce and FedEx offer shipping and e-commerce discounts to small businesses hit by Coronavirus

BigCommerce and FedEx partner in the US to help small businesses sell online.

Adidas sees slump in net profits by 97% as e-commerce fails to plug the gap

Adidas reveals that they have a 97% decline in net profits.

Target shares take a hit due to lower first-quarter profits

Target expects lower revenue in the first quarter due to lower profits despite record sales.

Spending in e-commerce believed to see an increase as ad prices drop

Ad prices are dropping currently due to COVID-19 but this is a good chance for start-ups to buy cheap ads and promote e-commerce.

Demand for Luxury items during the Coronavirus pandemic is increasing

Coronavirus pandemic has also meant people are buying luxury stuff online and some find it as a stress buster.

An e-commerce company has opened direct pipeline from China to Huntsville

An e-commerce company named Fulfyld created a direct line between China and Huntsville for PPE supplies.

Pre-packaged apps launched by for COVID-19 hit businesses launches pre-packaged apps for small businesses hit by COVID-19

Amazon Shipping, rival to UPS and FedEx, is being put on hold

Amazon decided to suspend its Amazon Shipping service till June.

South Korean delivery drivers reportedly suffering the worst due to shopping spree

A delivery driver in South Korea paid the price of the country's online shopping free and other drivers are demanding a change.

Amazon reportedly postpones Prime Day 2020 due to Coronavirus crisis

Amazon Prime Day 2020 reportedly delayed to August this year.
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