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Looking to implement PIM Software / DAM Solutions?  These resources will help you!

Product Information Managment (PIM) is relatively newer field.  A lot of confusion exist between the terms PIM, DAM, MDM, PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).  These products are critical to the value chain of e-commerce.

eCommerce Next team have consulted a number of customers for implementation of eCommerce and PLM solutions.  This section will answer some of the questions around these terms and their differentiations.  It further gives you a list of Top PIM Solutions and their quick review.

What can PIM System do?

Product Data Modeling

Build configurable data models for different product categories.

PIM Configurations

Organization, classification, metadata management for products across multiple categories

PIM Integrations

Auto-generate API footprints for every field in the PIM system and control it to integrate with other systems like eCommerce, CRM, and ERP

Product Information Quality

Data quality management across different systems so that a single source of truth is visible

Omni Channel

Every channel requires to consume the product information differently. With PIM tools you would be able to automate product data visibility across different channels

Advantages of PIM Tools

Single Source of truth

No need to manage multiple versions of product information and assets. Every system will consume and show the same information about the product

Seamless Integration

Two-way information exchange about the product information becomes a piece of cake

Decrease time to Market

Product witnesses frequent updates on their price, packaging, and other meta information. You will be able to update the new data across multiple channels in a matter of minutes

How can eCommerce Next help?


PIM requirements identification is a critical step for successful product information journey. Would you require a PIM system or DAM software or a product that has all these features? You can download a free PIM RFP here

Prototype and Design Thinking

Based on the requirements, we offer an extensive design thinking workshop. The design thinking workshop will result in identifying What is?, What if?, What wows?. What Works?! Would you like to get a taste of our Design Thinking workshop? Schedule a free hour of Design Thinking Workshop Now


Would you like to build your own PIM or choose an existing product? There are multiple options of PIM tools out there. Check out the list of Best PIM Software. Team eCommerce Next provide services of PIM requirements management, Prototype & Proof of Concept development, Identification of Product information software. Please contact us for a free consulting hour!

PIM Customization, Integration and Migration

eCommerce Next works with a selected and elite group of PIM engineers and consultants. We can introduce you to a team which can take care of PIM customization, migrate your existing product data and integrate with third party systems! Have a PIM project in mind? Contact us to get introduced to some of the best consultants in the world!

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